Educational Program

The School seeks to unfold for each student with a hearing loss, the same intellectual steps seen in the development of a non-impaired student. Teaching methods focus on the training of the residual hearing of each student, with the use of quality hearing aids. Every student at SPSHI gains from a planned teaching strategy that promotes his/her own ability to think; to express himself/herself through oral and written mode. 

The School offers an aural-oral program. It encourages cognitive, academic, social and motor skills, lays emphasis on listening, speech and language and fosters positive reinforcement in all elements of learning. The focus of the educational program is to provide learning opportunities, which maximize the development of spoken communication through the use of auditory channel.

The School follows the Combined Method to teach language to the students. The Pre-School program serves students in the age group of 2.5 to 5.5 years. At this level, the residual hearing of the student is maximally used for language and speech development. The School follows a child-centered curriculum that engages in a lot of activities. Various techniques like news conversation, directed activity, storytelling, educational trips etc., are used to expose the student to functional and meaningful language. A lot  of  teaching-learning materials are used to make the learning effective and enjoyable. Apart from developing their listening, language and literacy skills, the students are also familiarized with number concepts. Such an intensive educational program lays the foundation for further study.
From the Primary level upwards, Tamil Nadu State Board curriculum is followed with special emphasis on reading and writing, auditory training, speech reading and speech training. A lot of teaching-learning material, activities, demonstrations and field trips are used to make learning easier and interesting. At the Secondary level, trained subject specialists are employed to teach subjects like Tamil, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. In fact the school organizes 4 subject workshops every year where learning happens through projects and hands-on-experience. Also, English is taught as a second language due to its growing relevance in daily life. Learning is further facilitated by making good use of the library and the well-equipped science laboratory. 

At all levels, the student-teacher ratio is 1:8 . This ensures that all students get the required individual attention. Computers are used optimally by teachers to support their teaching. Students are assigned project works so that they can gain better understanding of the subjects. They are also encouraged to make good use of the library and to participate in various co-curricular activities. The School ensures that the students make good use of their holidays by assigning them with holiday-activities and also providing them with material for the same.

Every parent at SPSHI gains from the close partnership that exists between them and the teachers, as they learn together how to meet each student's special needs during daily class. Parent education and counseling is an essential aspect of the School's total program. The School strives to empower each family with the necessary information that would enable them to accept their childrens' hearing loss and become informed planners for their  future needs

Co-Curricular Activities

SPSHI School Pondicherry
The School is well aware of the indispensable nature of co-curricular activities in the holistic development of students. It therefore invests considerable time, effort and money to ensure the participation of students in as many activities as possible. It also pays special attention to the students’ interests and trains them in those fields. 

Educational Tours
The School organizes a number of educational tours. In a year, the Pre-Primary students are taken out for four local visits and for a one-day tour while the Primary and Secondary students enjoy a major tour of 2 or 3 days besides four local visits.

Sport And Fitness
The School organizes various sports events annually. Students participate in sports like Athletics, Cycling, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Carrom and Chess. 
The School ensures the active participation of students in science exhibitions, drawing, cultural and sports competitions and in various other activities where they compete with non impaired children.

Parents Involvement

SPSHI School Pondicherry
The School emphasizes the important role that parents need to play in their child’s education. So meetings with the parents are held regularly. Frequent interaction between the parents and the teachers on a one-to-one basis is given utmost importance. A Parent Teacher Association actively participates in the functioning of the School. In order to train parents of Pre-Primary students to work effectively with their children at home, they are encouraged to observe the classes on a regular basis.